Casserole Bean

Russell E. Womack Inc., home of the Casserole brand, has been the nations leading distributer of dried beans since 1946. Whether you prefer pinto, black, red kidney or yellow beans, we have the product for you. Read below to learn more abut how we have grown to become the company we are today. 

Providing Quality Beans Since 1946

Russell E. Womack, Inc., home of the Casserole brand, was founded in 1946 with the goal to bring high quality beans to consumers. Lubbock, Texas became the ideal home for the Casserole brand because of its hub buying offices for grocery stores in West Texas. With only 3 employees, Womack started out selling pinto beans to grocery stores in Lubbock. Through word of mouth, consumers started to realize that Casserole was the premium quality bean it promised to be.


Today, with over 28 employees, Casserole sells pinto, black, yellow and red kidney beans in over 5,900 stores nationwide.  We hope you enjoy Casserole beans as much as we do!

Excellence Is What We Strive For

The beans are required to be light in color, tender, and have a short cooking time without soaking. If the beans meet our standards, they are cleaned to the greatest degree possible using the most modern of techniques. The cleaning process is not just a single step, but rather a number of sequences designed to remove all dirt, rocks, stems, leaves, and cracked or split beans as efficiently as possible. Finally, the beans are ready to be packed and shipped to a fine supermarket near you.

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