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Our Mission

To consistently provide our customers with the finest quality pinto beans available on the market.

New Casserole Brand Refried Beans

We're happy to announce that Russell E Womack, Inc has recently begun shipping our new canned refried pinto beans to select stores.  Casserole refried beans are available in Traditional, Fat Free, and Spicy varieties.  Our refried beans are made from the same premium quality pinto beans that go into every package of our dried pinto beans.  Give 'em a try.  We know you'll love them.


Our Commitment to You

At Russell E. Womack, Inc., we take care to package only the finest quality pinto beans under the Casserole label. This commitment insures that you will have the freshest, cleanest, and fastest cooking beans available.

When purchasing other brands, we understand the hassle of having to sort beans and discard a significant portion of the bag. To prevent this with Casserole, our method of triple cleaning the beans is our way of assuring that everything you buy, you eat. With Casserole, when you purchase 4 pounds of beans, you eat 4 pounds of beans. This is our commitment to you.

We challenge you to find a cleaner, fresher tasting pinto bean on the market today.